Real Estate Law

The Turkish Civil Code evaluates land-bearing places, independent and permanent rights registered on a separate page in the land registry, and independent sections registered in the condominium registry as real estate.

Uslu Law Firm has great experience in the field and provides services in all areas of real estate and construction law. Our lawyers provide legal support regarding the issues to be paid attention to and the contracts to be drawn up during the construction, purchase and sale of real estates including land construction contracts to be made between land owners and contractors; It provides legal consultancy and representation services to owners, tenants, corporate and individual real estate investors, contractors, engineers, architects, construction companies, banks, financiers and planners at all stages.

In addition, according to Turkish law, legal consultancy and follow-up services are offered to foreign nationals who want to buy real estate or to sell real estate, and to Turkish companies with foreign capital.

Some of the services provided by Uslu Law Firm in the field of Real Estate Law are as follows:

  • Preparation of lease contracts,
  • Representation in dispute and eviction cases arising from rental agreements,
  • Providing all kinds of litigation, enforcement and consultancy services for the purchase and sale of residences and businesses,
  • Preparation of immovable sales promise contracts,
  • Preparation of immovable purchase and sale contracts,
  • Preparation of construction contracts against floors,
  • Execution of all legal processes related to housing and workplaces in the land registry, municipality and other state and private institutions, obtaining the construction license and residence permit, and making and following applications with the official authorities for these permits,
  • Execution of real rights (mortgage, promise of sale, right of usufruct, right of way) facility transactions on the immovable and settlement of disputes related to these rights,
  • Opening lawsuits regarding title deed and registration cases, division cases, intervention banning cases, price determination cases, correction of existing errors in land registry records,
  • Filing a lawsuit against foundations, trustees, persons and other institutions and organizations related to the immovables,
  • Conducting mortgage and pledge facility transactions,
  • Objection to the zoning plans and filing of annulment cases,
  • Providing legal consultancy services to real estate and real estate consultancy offices,
  • Preparation of contracts for real estate commission contracts, preparation of enforcement proceedings or filing a lawsuit in violation of real estate commission contracts,
  • Providing all kinds of legal consultancy and advocacy services to site administrations, organizing the general assembly of floor owners, making management decisions; initiation of enforcement proceedings for the management, project expenses to be received by the owners from the floor owners,
  • Providing legal counseling and legal services in disputes arising from the Property Ownership Law,
  • Representation in the correction and replacement of the architectural project cases.