Competition Law

Uslu Law Firm provides law and legal consultancy services to domestic and foreign companies in all matters concerning the Competition Law.

The aim of the Competition Law is to prevent the agreements, decisions and practices that prevent, distort, or restrict competition in the goods and services markets, and the undertakings that dominate the market, and to ensure that the competition is protected by making necessary regulations and audits.

In this context, regulations and prohibitions related to Competition Law in Turkey was established by Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition, the Competition Authority has been established.

Some of the services provided by Uslu Law Firm in the field of Competition Law are:

  • Auditing the activities and practices of clients, examining contracts and other important documents,
  • Auditing the compliance of companies' activities and practices with the legislation on competition law and unfair competition,
  • Opening a case for the detection of violation of competition,
  • Complaining and following the violations of competition,
  • Appeals and follow-up against the decisions of the Competition Board,
  • Objections to administrative fines imposed by the Competition Board,
  • Representation in the investigations opened by the Competition Board and in the administrative proceedings that may continue,
  • Reviewing contracts and evaluating their compliance with the legislation,
  • Notification to the Competition Board regarding mergers & acquisitions,
  • Representation in private civil lawsuits filed before competent courts for compensation and compensation claims of companies in the face of competition violations,
  • Auditing the suitability of horizontal or vertical transactions between group companies,
  • Providing legal advice in exemption and negative clearance applications.