Administrative and Tax Law

The legal and criminal consequences that occur as a result of the reflection of the actions and transactions of the public administrations, which are based on the Constitution and legal regulations, to the real and legal persons constitute the subject of Administrative Law. The main element of being a "state of law" is that all acts and transactions of the administration are in accordance with the law and subject to legal supervision. As required by the rule of law, the administration is obliged to abide by the Law and act in accordance with the general principles of the law in all of its actions and administrative transactions. Despite this, illegal administrative actions and procedures that cause grievances can be encountered frequently in practice. We provide legal consultancy and advocacy services to our clients in disputes related to the results of the transactions of public administrations and in resolving all tax disputes.

As Uslu Law Firm, about Turkish tax legislation; In addition to consultancy services on all other taxes and disputes, especially Corporate Tax, Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Stamp Tax, Special Consumption Tax, in the process of resolution of tax disputes before judicial authorities, before both settlement commissions, tax courts, regional administrative courts and the Council of State; Finally, we also provide representation services in individual applications to the Constitutional Court at national level and to the European Court of Human Rights at international level.

On the other hand, we also provide services to ask for opinions by contacting the official authorities and to provide information about the tax risks of legal transactions to be carried out by clients and to provide information about tax benefits that minimize these risks.

Some of the services provided by Uslu Law Office in the field of Administrative and Tax Law are as follows:

  • Objection with all kinds of administrative applications and follow-up of legal processes regarding these applications,
  • Resolution of disputes arising from administrative contracts,
  • Fines, license-permit cancellation, etc. Actions for cancellation of administrative action against all kinds of administrative action,
  • Compensation (full judicial) cases against administrative proceedings,
  • Consultancy service in all kinds of relations with administrative institutions,
  • Exhaustion of administrative application remedies and follow-up of settlement procedures,
  • Legal consultancy on administrative procedures and fines established by tax offices,
  • Cancellation of accruals and administrative fines imposed by the tax offices,
  • Resolution of tax disputes through settlement, reduction in penalties and correction,
  • Resolution of tax disputes through litigation,
  • Disputes regarding procurement law and tender cases,
  • Specialization applications,
  • Resolution of disputes arising from the Customs Law,
  • Cancellation of administrative fines imposed by the Social Security Institution and follow-up of the transactions carried out by the institution,
  • Cases related to expropriation,
  • Highway traffic cases,
  • Resolution of disputes regarding the Municipality Law,
  • Annulment actions against municipal administrative procedures and penalties,
  • Zoning lawsuits, environmental, master, implementation zoning plan and zoning implementation, annulment cases against parceling transactions,
  • Preparing defense against disciplinary penalties regarding civil servants, filing administrative cases against penalties.