Foreigners and Citizenship Law

Uslu Law Office provides legal consultancy and representation services to its clients regarding the settlement of all kinds of disputes arising from the Citizenship Law and the Law of Foreigners and the follow-up of all kinds of lawsuits and transactions.

Foreign Law, in accordance with Article 90 of the Constitution of international agreements with the rules applicable to aliens according to Turkish law by the inclusion of Turkish law is a means totality of in the rules, it is a branch of law covering personal and property rights of foreigners in Turkey.

Foreigners Law is based on the general principle of reciprocity, the rule of law to be applied to foreigners in Turkey it varies according to the country of his nationality to foreigners.

In Uslu Law Office, he provides legal consultancy to our foreign clients within the framework of the legislation in force in our country regarding their rights and freedoms, residence and working areas; We support them in resolving legal disputes in our country, in the processes of obtaining a residence permit, work permit and citizenship.

On the other hand, our Law Office in respect of the acquisition of Turkish citizenship with real estate investment, in the framework of the 2644 Land Law and special laws, foreigners who wish to settle in Turkey or provide legal support to foreign investors.

Some of the services provided by Uslu Law Office in the field of Foreigners and Citizenship Law are as follows:

  • Application and follow-up of residence permit, residence permit extension applications at the Police Department for foreigners who will stay longer than the visa or visa exemption period or for more than 90 days,
  • foreigners wishing to work in Turkey or foreign legal or natural person who wants to run the staff of the Labor and making the work permit extension of work permit applications filed with the Ministry of Social Security and monitoring before,
  • The people who obtain a work permit in Turkey, his wife and children to support the family through the construction of a residence permit application and tracking,
  • Within the scope of the Turkish Citizenship Law No.5901, making and following the procedures for foreigners' transition to Turkish citizenship by general, exceptional, remarriage or marriage,
  • Foreign natural and preparation of the contract for leasing of real estate properties with the pursuit of legal persons trading in Turkey,
  • Prohibition of foreigners' entry to the granting or denial of entry to Turkey to appeal the decision,
  • Marriage and divorce procedures of foreigners, having children from Turkish citizens and carrying out population registration procedures,
  • Foreign natural persons to be given legal advisory services related to inheritance law in Turkey,
  • non-resident foreigners from making value-added tax exemption application process is obliged to pay the purchase immovable property in Turkey in Turkey.