Criminal Law

Criminal law is the discipline of law that has the most impact on individual rights and freedoms due to its function of ensuring the order of the society and regulating the relations of individuals. For this reason, the counselling and advocacy service you receive from the investigation phase to the prosecution and execution stages is very important.

With over 30 years of experience, Uslu Law Firm provides real and legal person clients with all kinds of representation and legal consultancy services they need within the framework of the current provisions in the Turkish Penal Code and other relevant legislation.

Some of the legal services provided by Uslu Law Firm in the field of Criminal Law include:

  • To be an advocate for the suspect/defendant at every stage of the investigation and prosecution phases,
  • To represent the complainant/constituent at every stage of the investigation and prosecution phases,
  • Providing legal counselling services for all works and transactions that are at risk of penal sanction,
  • Preparing the defense in court cases before the first instance court, Regional Court of Justice and the Supreme Court; being present at hearings and follow-up,
  • Providing legal counselling and representation for real and legal persons who are suspects, defendants or victims at investigation and prosecution stages of international crimes and crimes against individuals, public, nation and state.