Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Uslu Law Office, for real and resolution of remedies of all kinds of legal disputes faced by legal persons in Turkey and other countries, Turkey jurisdictions around civil and criminal judicial authorities with local and international arbitration and mediation organizations litigation in all branches of law in the eyes, arbitration and dispute provides solution service. Besides recognition of foreign arbitral awards in Turkey and enforcement it is also among the working area of ​​our office.

Our law firm also provides consultancy services for cases and events that can be resolved by agreement in order to prevent the last remedy, as much as possible. In cases where dispute is inevitable; The most appropriate solution method is presented by evaluating all probabilities and risks related to the issue.

Our Advocacy Office, including international or local arbitration committees, arbitration, mediation, litigation and representation services, follows the negotiations and processes required for dispute resolution.

Some of the services provided by Uslu Law Firm in the field of Litigation and Dispute Resolution are:

  • Consultancy service and representation in the solution of disputes by alternative means,
  • Preparation of peace agreements,
  • Dispute resolution and follow-up through arbitration,
  • Legal support in local and international arbitration proceedings,
  • Providing representation and follow-up service for real and legal persons to resolve disputes that may be associated with personal and commercial or administrative law by litigation,
  • Consultancy service in the settlement of disputes by mediation and mediation methods.