Information Technology

As the internet, social media, electronic commerce and similar fields have found more use, crime types have gained ground views. Uslu Law Firm is aware of other media that need to find application area of ​​law due to technological developments. Informatics is the transfer of information using electronic and technological tools. These tools include pos devices, computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. countable. Facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc. social media accounts; booking, tripadvisor etc. websites; e-mail, whatsapp etc. applications are accepted as information systems.

In this context, if the unfair actions in the field of informatics constitute a crime, a complaint may be filed to the relevant Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and a compensation may be filed by filing a private law suit for the compensation of damages arising from these actions.

Some of the services provided by Uslu Law Firm in the field of IT Law are as follows:

  • Arranging the contracts related to IT Law and providing consultancy services,
  • Providing counseling and representation in material, moral compensation and other civil and criminal cases related to written, audio and visual publications,
  • Due to abuse of debit or credit cards, litigation,
  • Consultancy and representation service in order to prevent access and removal of websites that contain photographs, videos, images or illegal content content published without the consent of individuals,
  • Consultancy and representation service in order to remove the content or stop the access service due to the violation of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works,
  • Consultancy and representation service in order to remove content or prevent access due to the right to be forgotten on the Internet,
  • Consultancy and representation service in blocking access due to public interest and order,
  • Resolution of domain name disputes before administrative and judicial authorities,
  • Brand and copyright consultancy and representation service,
  • Tracking and finalizing the violations, insults and threat crimes via the internet,
  • Providing all kinds of legal struggle against illegal violations, corruption, blocking of the information system, copying data in the information system.