Health Law

Health law is a branch of law that protects patient and physician rights and guides the management of this relationship in parallel with the fundamental rights of the individual. In this context, we are aware that the protection of the rights of both parties in terms of both the physician and the patient depends on the effective management of the claim and the defense.

In Uslu Law Office, we provide attorneyship and legal consultancy services in all areas of health law by examining current legislation and case law to physicians, patients who have been damaged as a result of faulty medical intervention, other healthcare personnel and hospitals.

The actions of the physicians as a result of tort or neglect of the duty of care constitute responsibility. In addition to the requirement to compensate the damage suffered by the patient due to the failure of the physician or other healthcare professionals in the medical intervention or the dissatisfaction with the results of the aesthetic operations, criminal liability will also come to the agenda.

In our office, we provide services regarding both criminal cases and compensation cases in disputes arising from health law. In the event that the individual who receives health care is economically damaged due to faulty medical intervention, a moral compensation lawsuit will be filed in case of financial or psychological damage. If the service is carried out by the administration, a lawsuit will be filed against the administration for compensation, and against the hospital or physician before the consumer courts if it is carried out by a private hospital.

Some of the services provided by Uslu Law Firm in the field of Health Law are as follows:

  • Prevention of disputes arising from health law,
  • Legal counseling and representation in administrative, legal and criminal cases to which private health institutions, physicians, patients and insurance companies are a party to health law disputes,
  • Legal consultancy on patient-physician rights, responsibilities of hospitals and other private health institutions,
  • Legal consultancy on corporate and professional liability insurances for health institutions and employees,
  • Legal consultancy regarding informed consent, consent forms and informing the patient,
  • Legal consultancy on collecting and storing patient data in accordance with KVKK,
  • Resolution of contractual and administrative disputes arising from activities in the health sector,
  • Follow-up of the meetings between the patient, the doctor and the hospital
  • Preparation of confidentiality agreements,
  • Preparation, control and revision of contracts regarding the production, distribution and sales stages of pharmaceutical companies,
  • Legal services arising from other contractual and administrative disputes arising from activities in the sector.