Family Law

Uslu Law Firm provides legal counselling to its clients in terms of divorce between the Turkish citizens also the Turkish citizens and foreigners, matrimonial property contracts before or during  marriage, child support payments, declaration of legitimation or rebut challenge, adoption, custody and guardianship. Uslu Law Firm also provides services to its clients within the framework of the Civil Law and the applicable international legislation regarding the resolution of disputes arising from family law before the court and the establishment of a protocol between the parties.

Some of the legal services provided by Uslu Law Firm in the field of Family Law include:

  • Arranging protocol and executing the process in consensual divorces,
  • Conducting contested divorce cases and submitting requests regarding the financial consequences of divorce, pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages and the situation of child in common,
  • Providing legal counselling on matrimonial contracts to be executed before or during marriage,
  • Execution of division of matrimonial property,
  • Requesting injunction decisions in family violence and similar situations,
  • Affiliation and rebut challenge,
  • Resolution of disputes arising from adoption,
  • Dispute resolution arising from the end of the engagement,
  • Providing legal counselling on custody and trustees,
  • Recognition and enforcement of divorce decisions of foreign courts with regard to Turkish citizens living abroad, 
  • Resolution of all disputes in the Family Courts.